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Let's Go Into The Bag Of Cloth In Oxford And Get To Know It
- Oct 18, 2017 -

In the bag of environmental protection, we usually use non-woven bags, cotton bags, the vast majority of people also choose Oxford bag, Oxford bag as a shopping bag, why can be loved by people?

What are the characteristics of Oxford bag?

Oxford cloth is a kind of waterproof material, and has high strength flexibility. Therefore, made of Oxford bag has waterproof, wearable, can bear the characteristics of a certain load weight, widely used in shopping bags, gift bags and other environmental protection bags above.

Oxford cloth bag is a kind of waterproof and mildew proof fabric, waterproof function, such as waterproof suit bag, generally use Oxford bag. Although Oxford bags in the strict sense is not a kind of environmental protection bag, the bag back because Oxford has a layer of waterproof material of PVC, and the PVC layer material is not easy to be a natural biodegradable materials. Reuse, and finally recycling this cycle, is meaningful environmental protection. Oxford cloth bags are widely used in shopping bags, advertising bags and other fields

Choose what kind of Oxford bag, we have options for you to choose