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Insulation Bag Product Introduction
- Aug 10, 2017 -

Insulation bag, as the name suggests, is can be used to keep the bag, life in many of our places to use the insulation bag, for example, catering, the need for the delivery of a large heat preservation bag, office workers with a potluck also need to take a heat preservation bag, in addition to keep the heat of food, insulation bags can also be used in cold drinks, can greatly reduce the outside heat into the.

The insulation bag is usually double-sided, the outer layer of material is mainly clamp mesh double-sided PVC, it has waterproof oil, tensile strength, resistance to friction, anti-folding ability is strong, the inner material for aluminum foil laminating non-woven, or the composite pearl cotton through PVC reinforced, middle clamp 8mm super dense insulation cotton, usually this kind of insulation bag can be insulated more than 6 hours, the effect than the ordinary metal box and plastic box is much better, and very sanitary environment.