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How To Choose A Non-woven Bag ?Avoid Loss
- Sep 15, 2017 -

1. in the procurement or transaction process, a number of comparison or sexual price comparison.

Non-woven bags, non-woven bags, custom-made, just like shopping in the mall, the choice of goods to be more contrast. The same goods, if you more choose the sellers, through a number of seller's items, can see which Seller technology, price more competitive, more market position.

2. understand the quality of non-woven bags, non-woven bags weight, thickness, there are new materials, old material difference.

Non-woven fabrics are generally calculated by the weight of each square meter weight, the market has a common range of 60~150g. Quality can be divided into new material and old material. According to the size of non-woven bags, a bag with new material and old material will vary from 0.05 yuan to 0.1 yuan cost. If the quality requirements of non-woven bags are relatively high, it is necessary to fully understand whether the fabric is new material. The guest may ask before the inquiry whether the manufacturer is using the new material. First, in order to ensure that non-woven bags are good quality, two is to avoid losses, avoid unnecessary risks.

3. requirements proofing, in order to make the goods before the manufacturers request custom-made prenatal samples.

Customized non-woven bag industry competition now fierce, some manufacturers in order to take orders, may give the guests at cost price or even a price, and then cut corners in the production process of non-woven bags, has reached the purpose of reducing the cost. In order to avoid this situation, custom made non-woven fabric bags must be made by the manufacturer before a sample, that is, in order to ensure the authenticity of manufacturers, but also for the quality of products to protect.