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Environmental Protection Non-woven Bags
- Mar 13, 2018 -

At present, the national environmental protection industry started late. All countries in the world are very environmentally friendly. Non-woven bags, ordinary plastic bags can no longer meet the requirements of automatic degradation of the environment. In some developed countries, Australia had already banned the production of plastic bags of any kind as early as a year ago. Instead, it was replaced by a non-woven bag. This non-woven bag is not only colorful and fashionable, but also has a long service life. More important raw materials are widely used and can be automatically degraded. This is in full compliance with the needs of today's world environmental protection.


At present, there are few domestic manufacturers that specialize in the production of fashion-friendly bags. With the gradual improvement of environmental protection awareness today, many countries have realized the advantages of non-woven bags. First: It has the characteristics of short process flow, high yield, low cost, rapid variety change, wide source of raw materials, etc.; secondly: a variety of choices can be made on the form; and thirdly, the service life of non-woven bags is long. Automatic degradation features.