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Differences Between Cotton Cloth Bags And Canvas Bags On Raw Materials
- Sep 15, 2017 -

Bags of cotton cloth and canvas bags, we can all call them "cotton bags", and all belong to the environmental protection bag. The raw materials are made of pure cotton and are easy to drop in the natural environment without polluting the environment. But they also have different places, that is, canvas bags are generally larger than cotton bags

Cotton fabric: cotton fabric is a woven fabric made of cotton yarn. Different varieties are produced because of the different specifications of the tissue and the different methods of post-processing. The concept of cotton cloth is very broad, you can say that all raw materials are woven out of cotton yarn, fabrics can be called cotton. But to understand the scope of daily life, generally considered cotton is made of single strands of relatively fine cotton yarn, with soft, moisture absorption, breathable, warm characteristics, its shortcomings are easy to shrink, easy to wrinkle. Cotton species is very wide, there is a common cloth, poplin, twill, linen, line, velveteen, corduroy etc.. Cotton is the daily necessities of the people, it is widely used in clothing, bedding, indoor supplies, interior decoration, packaging, industry, medical, military and so on

Two: Canvas: canvas is a thick thick cotton fabric or linen fabric, canvas most of the size of the yarn than ordinary cotton yarn to coarse. At present, as domestic raw materials are relatively small, so we generally believe that cotton is the raw material, so it can be said that canvas is also a large category of cotton. The biggest difference between canvas and cotton is that the warp and weft yarns of canvas consist of 2 strands or more strands, while cotton cloth is mostly single strands. This also led to the appearance of canvas is rough, and cotton fabric is relatively fine. Besides, canvas is usually made of plain weave, and twill weaving is seldom used, which is convenient for distinguishing cloth bags and cotton fabrics. Because the canvas is more thread weaving, so the texture strength, wear resistance, and has close thick, sturdy canvas and good waterproof properties, therefore widely used in canvas bags, clothing, footwear, bags and other industries, automobile transportation.