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Advantages Of Ultrasonic Environmental Protection Bag
- Aug 10, 2017 -

1. When mass production, the number of more than 50,000, production costs far lower than the cost of the line seam, production speed than the line seam speed.

2. The mechanized degree of the ultrasonic environmental bag is higher than the sewing, the error rate is lower than the sewing, the management cost and hidden cost of the workers are lower.

3. The use of ultrasonic technology to produce non-woven bags, handbags and bags around the line can be used to suppress the pattern of mold, rich patterns, products appear high-grade beauty.

4. Ultrasonic technology than line seam to be more exquisite, corner line because the machine is automatically generated by the mold, the specifications are more uniform, there will be no line seam disconnection and seam distortion.

5. Ultrasonic welding, which is the handle, the belt. Compared with the line seam, hot and uniform, beautiful, called gravity. The same cloth, compared to sewing back and forth needles, cross forks and other weighing significantly improved.

6. The use of ultrasonic environmental protection bag printing is automatic screen printing or flexo printing, non-woven roll printing, printing error less than 3 mm, and manual screen printing has a great difference, multi-color accurate, avoid the manual printing position offset large, inking unevenness and many other defects.