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How Do Men Choose Their Own Right Single Shoulder Bags?
- May 15, 2018 -

As the size of the single Shoulder Bag is moderate and the back is fashionable and generous on the Shoulder Bag, more and more men are now starting to fit themselves with a suitable single shoulder bag, but how do you choose a suitable single shoulder bag?

Here are some points to note when choosing a suitable single shoulder bag for men.

1, the size of a single shoulder bag, a single shoulder bag generally has two sizes of size, according to their own figure to select the appropriate size, the height of more than 180CM is more appropriate to choose a larger package.

2. The material of the single shoulder bag is generally divided into real leather and peels. The skin is made of chemical treatment after the skin of the animal is stripped off. The skin and PVC skin are made by chemical treatment with chemical fiber cloth. The difference lies in the different raw materials, but the surface of the latter section is similar to the surface. The effect is very close and not easy to distinguish, but the inherent physical property is very different. The physical strength of the dermis, the physical strength of tear and so on, as well as the aging resistance and the hand feel are better than the peels and PVC skins, but the dermal products are much more expensive than the peels and PVC skins because of their natural nature, intrinsic physical properties and raw materials.

3, the design of single shoulder bag, leisure style, business style and so on, the shape design should not be complex, so as to avoid the later package nursing is more difficult, simple and concise, can be determined according to their own preferences.