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Wide use and social contribution of non-woven handbags
- Feb 01, 2019 -

The long-term use and waste of polyethylene plastic bags in daily life have brought great harm to the earth's resources and the environment; the widespread promotion and application of non-woven bag prices have contributed to the green environment and society!

The composition of the portable non-woven bag is composed of non-woven polypropylene material, and the plastic bag is a polyethylene raw material; although its name is similar, the molecular structure of polyethylene has a very strong stability and is extremely difficult to resolve; The chain is easy to resolve and the next cycle of the environment.

Non-woven handbags are widely used in commercial, shopping, and advertising; a beautiful non-woven tote bag can be used not only for the packaging of goods, but also for its beautiful and beautiful appearance, which can be reused for people's daily life. Life portable shopping bags reduce the harm of plastic bag waste to the green environment, and the company's advertising and slogan on the printed non-woven handbags can bring advertising effects, which also brings business opportunities to the company.

The widespread use of portable non-woven bags brings benefits and contributions to society. The plastic bag is thin and easy to break. If it costs more to make it strong, it will usually be discarded once it is purchased. The wide use of non-woven handbags has effectively solved these problems. It is not easy to break, can be washed and reused, and has a long service life. It effectively solves the flooding and environmental hazards of plastic bags!

The wide-ranging use and social contribution of portable non-woven bags have greatly reduced the transformation pressure of polyethylene plastic bags to benefit the society, protect the environment, and protect our beautiful homes. The potential value is not a substitute for money.