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Which plastic bags and canvas bags are more environmentally friendly?
- Jan 11, 2019 -

1. Plastic bags are cheaper than canvas bags. I don't know if they can be widely recognized. If everyone agrees with this, then if the market is due to its own market behavior, the items with low prices must be higher than the high prices. Consume less resources. Otherwise, if the plastic bag needs more resources than the canvas bag to be manufactured, then it should be more expensive than the canvas bag. Therefore, based on this, plastic bags should be more environmentally friendly than canvas bags.

2, the reason is that plastic bags are not as environmentally friendly as canvas bags, because most plastic bags are disposable, and canvas bags can be recycled, because the number advantage makes us mistakenly think that plastic bags are not environmentally friendly.

3. If the canvas bag needs to be recycled, then the canvas bag needs to be cleaned, and the pollution caused by the repeated use of the canvas bag for cleaning and the like is not calculated into the pollution caused by the canvas bag, and at the same time, the production of the canvas bag is produced. We have not calculated the pollution. Since the pollution of the canvas bag is not so directly seen by us, we will mistakenly think that the canvas bag does not seem to be contaminated at all.

However, based on the above three points, canvas bags are actually more environmentally friendly than plastic bags.

1. The plastic bag has a long degradation cycle. Different types of plastic products have different degradation cycles. Most of them may take hundreds of years to be digested by nature, but it is only because of this that plastic bags are not environmentally friendly. ? There are many items with long degradation time in nature? Glass jars and glass bottles may have to wait for a million or two years, even banana peels can last for more than a month, orange peel is more likely to take two years to completely decompose, so the long degradation cycle does not mean it It is a pollutant.

2. Because of its low cost and low price, plastic bags have increased the probability of people's use. A large number of uses have increased the chaos of the world. Without a reasonable circulation chain, disorder has arisen, so there is no reasonable reason. Market circulation is the main culprit that causes plastics to become pollution.