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What is a bundle pocket?
- Aug 10, 2017 -

Bundle pocket is at the edge of the bag mouth with a rope, gently pull the bag can be sealed in the bag, bundle pocket In fact, in our lives are widely used, for example, above the flannel beam-mouth camera bag, is made of a bundle of flannel pocket, because the camera is a precision instrument, we do in the pocket of the camera bundle, the use of flannel as its material, can play a good role in protecting the camera.

In addition the bundle pocket also has the earphone bag, the eyeglasses bag, the shoe bag, the jewel jewelry bag, mouse bags, wine bags and so on, it is widely used in our lives in all walks of life, the use of materials are not the same, some nylon, some non-woven, some cotton, and some linen, are for the comprehensive effect of products to achieve the best results.