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What are the cleaning methods for canvas bags?
- Nov 15, 2018 -

The canvas bag needs to be cleaned frequently, but the canvas bag is quite troublesome to wash. The thick cloth is very hard to wash. Let's share some tips for cleaning the eco-canvas bag!

First, the canvas bag wash is somewhat faded. Please do not use detergents that contain bleach or fluorescence.

Second, if the canvas bag is not stubborn stains such as oil, please reduce the amount of detergent.

Third, the canvas bag should be soaked and cleaned with cold water. It should not be exposed to the sun. It is best to wrap it with a large amount of toilet paper after cleaning. It must be tightly attached to the surface to prevent cross-coloring. It can also prevent the canvas surface from yellowing and then drying or drying. Can not be exposed to the sun.

Fourth, the leather of the canvas bag can be wiped with a leather paste to avoid folding pressure to avoid deformation.

Fifth, when the canvas bag is first washed, it can be added with salt or white vinegar in the clear water, and then the bag is immersed for about 30 minutes to prevent fading.

Sixth, the canvas bag has obvious stains to be partially cleaned~ For example, the grease can be cleaned with detergent.


Finally, share a method about how to wash the white canvas bag without color: it is recommended to use a neutral soft detergent, such as shampoo, or detergent or gold spinning, mainly to prevent alkaline lotion damage. Leather, but be careful not to let the leather surface inhale too much water. It is recommended to wipe the leather surface with a clean cotton cloth. Of course, drying is the most important step. If you are afraid of cross-color, wrap the cleaned canvas bag with a lot of toilet paper. Well, be sure to stick to the surface to prevent cross-coloring and prevent the canvas surface from yellowing. Special attention is given to the fact that it must be dried or air-dried.