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The environmental protection of cotton bags, what are the commonly used environmental protection bags?
- Sep 29, 2017 -

Cotton bag is a kind of environmental protection bag, natural cotton material, light material, environmental protection, compact, convenient and durable, no pollution of the environment, can be used as shopping bags, gift bags, fashion bags, etc., the use of a wide range. The utility model can degrade, has no pollution to the environment, has fine texture and good printing effect, and has soft fabric and is easy to fold and carry; the cotton cloth is easy to clean.

What are the green cloth bags used by everyone?

1. non-woven bags (reusable, recycled) can be called environmental protection

2. canvas bags (relative to other materials, it is the most environmentally friendly, no pollution to the environment)

3. cotton cloth bags (no pollution to the environment)

4. cashmere bags (mostly man-made cotton - cotton, polyester), like the fabric on our clothes

5. other environmental protection fabric bag

6., Oxford cloth bag, Oxford cloth is a waterproof fabric, so if you want to make bags with waterproof function, generally use Oxford cloth bag. But Oxford cloth bag can not be regarded as a kind of environmental protection cloth bag in the strict sense, because it has a waterproof PVC material on the back of the cloth, and this layer of PVC material is not a kind of material that is easy to be degraded naturally. Reuse, and finally recycling, can be called environmental protection.