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The characteristics of the bundle-mouth flannel bag
- Aug 10, 2017 -

Bundle Mouth Flannel Bag can also be called Non-woven punching bag, this non-woven bag without another hand, but in the head of the bag to open a mouth, is to use this mouth to replace the hand, with the improvement of technology and technology, the current Non-woven bags are mostly mechanical production, non-woven bag production mechanization greatly improved production efficiency and reduce production costs.

Flat-mouth Non-woven bags are used to take a manual ultrasonic production, low efficiency and made out of non-woven bag flatness is not high, now flat-mouth non-woven bags generally take a molding machine production, the corresponding specifications of the cloth on the machine after the assembly line out of the finished bag, production efficiency and low prices.

Although the flat mouth Non-woven bag has many advantages, but also has its limitations, for example, the tension of the ultrasonic pressure and the car seam can not compare, flat mouth non-woven bags are generally used in the low number of Non-woven bags.