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Teach you how to distinguish good or bad of a Non Woven Tote Bag
- Sep 30, 2017 -

1. water testing

The non environmental protection bag is placed in the water and is pressed into the bottom of the water. The non poisonous non environmental protection bag has small proportion and can be surfaced, and the poisonous non environmental protection bag is Big proportion and sinks.

2. fire test

Non flammable non-toxic polyethylene bags, the flame is blue, the top yellow, like the burning candle tears like dropping, paraffin wax taste, less smoke; toxic non PVC bags is not flammable, the fire is out, the flame was yellow, the bottom green, softening drawing, hydrochloric acid is excitant odour.

3. jitter detection:

Grasp the non - environmental bag with one hand, shake it at one end, clear sound is non-poisonous. A muffled voice is poisonous.

4. sensory testing

Non-toxic non environmental bags are milky white, translucent, or colorless transparent, flexible, feel lubrication, surface like wax; toxic non environmental bag, color cloudy or yellow, feel sticky.