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Seven small donkeys using a vacuum storage bag
- Jul 26, 2018 -

1. We put the clothes and quilts into the storage bag. We should dry the clothes and quilts first, then fold them in and put them in our clothes.

2. When using the storage bag, it is necessary to see if the zipper of the storage bag is clean and whether there is dust or fiber on the surface, which may cause air leakage in the storage bag for a long time.

3. When using the storage bag, the slide should be installed, and then use it to start pulling to the other end. When pulling to a certain distance, squeeze the air of the storage bag and tighten our storage bag.

4. When pulling the zipper of the storage bag, it is necessary to slide the slide back and forth several times to ensure that our zipper can be truly sealed.

5. When evacuating the air inside the storage bag, the air nozzle cover should be opened, and the pump that draws the air pulls the piston to pump the air. When the pump is twitched, the pump and the cover can be removed.

6. We can also use the vacuum cleaner to remove the air from the storage bag. Just open the air nozzle cover and use a vacuum cleaner to suck the air from the storage bag inside the air nozzle cover.

7. When using the clothes inside the storage bag, you only need to open the zipper, and take the clothes and quilts out to dry and return to the original look.