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Non woven bag fabric has become the main carrier of advertising handbag printing.
- May 15, 2018 -

Advertising handbag printing is involved in almost all printing works, which is due to the large demand for the handbag printing, and the advertisers often give tens of thousands of orders, which means rich profits. On the other hand, the advertising handbag printing has developed so far, has a fixed production mode, select the material required by the customer, print advertising language or logo on the handbag. The purpose of advertising handbag printing is to let the audience pay attention to the handbag so that it can play a wide role in advertising.

But what can not be ignored is that today's advertising handbag printing, due to the fierce market competition, and the country's vigorous advocacy of environmental protection ideas, whether it is cost budget or traditional material selection, now must be updated. Imagine a paper handbag, though the price is slightly lower, but the service life is short, and the advertising effect is difficult to continue to play. The Non woven bag are strong and durable, and are also the main carriers of the advertising handbag printing.

Advertising bag printing, non-woven fabric handbag printing, handbag printing Professional people point out that the non woven cloth advertising handbag printing is so market, large order, this is because the non-woven bag is environmentally friendly materials, in line with the trend of green environmental protection, compared with plastic bags or paper bags, non-woven fabric bags are non-toxic, non irritating, damp proof, breathable. For non-woven fabric advertising bag printing, the watermark printing process is commonly used nowadays, which is characterized by good coloring, no odor and washable. Another way is thermal transfer printing, which basically does not transfer the pattern to the surface of the non-woven fabric handbag with ink. The advantages of heat transfer printing are exquisite printing, clear pattern, environmental sanitation and long service life. These are the experiences summed up in the continuous production and observation of advertising handbag printing factories, which are worth learning and learning from similar manufacturers.