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Layered environmental protection Non Woven Bag are welcomed by the public
- May 15, 2018 -

According to the business agency reported in May 2nd. yesterday, at Tianyi Square, the reporter gave the 100 environmental Non Woven Bag to the public free of charge to the public for trial. Qin's green, elongated straps, humanized design of environmental bags have been sought after by many citizens. Less than 10 minutes, 100 layers of environmental protection Non Woven Bag were robbed.

"The layering design is really convenient," said Mr. Tang, the first citizen to get environmental bags. "In the future I can put my wallet and cell phone in one layer and put things in the other two layers." Yesterday, 100 citizens who got the green bag generally thought that the layered environmental protection bag was very practical, and more people made the environmental protection bag available on the spot. Holding Hami melon in his left hand and holding umbrellas and hygiene supplies in his right hand, Mr. Zhang, who had just come out of Tesco supermarket, was embarrassed. As soon as he gets a layered environmental protection bag, he can't wait to sort things out. "That's great!" I just want a bag like this, and there's no need to put things together anymore. "

Miss Li, who is shopping with her baby, is also full of praise for layered environmental protection bags. Because there is a 5 month old baby at home, often need to buy baby products. "Children's things can't be put together with others. I've been troubled all the time. If only I could buy such a green bag."