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How to clean non-woven bags?
- Aug 10, 2017 -

1. Soak method: Non-woven Green bag first with cold water or warm washing powder blisters for 10-20 minutes, time can not be too long, because non-woven material immersion time is easy to decompose water, please do not use bleach or fluorescent washing supplies, to prevent non-woven non-woven bag fade.

2. When cleaning the suggestion gently hand wash effect is best, cannot use brush brush, non-woven cloth environmental protection bag will be very easy to fluff, so non-woven cloth environmental protection bag is very difficult to see.

3. If you want to clean the fast, it is recommended that you choose soft brush, first gently rub with the hand, and then take the whole brush soft brush again, it must be light because the non-woven fabric is easy to break.

4. After cleaning the Non-woven green bag leveling, the best fast drying or blowing dry, drying, blowing when the temperature of the time to keep low one points; or remove excess moisture, leveling in a cool ventilated place shade.

5. When shopping for Non-woven bags, it is best to pick the bags that are thicker than the larger ones, although they start to spend a little more money, but in your future cleaning process will become easier.