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Function description of multifunctional shopping bag
- Aug 10, 2017 -

Health: The design of food quarantine zone, the distinction between meat class, vegetarian, raw food, not similar to the food in different compartments, to avoid mixed with food to cause cross infection, the use of waterproof cloth production, enhance isolation effect.

Labor-saving: Design wrist with accessories, wrist, hand, palms respectively force, and the belt on the formation of a flattened force area, carrying heavy weights, 100 meters beyond the labor-saving effect is significant. It has the function of preventing and robbing.

Lee: Waterproof cloth is easy to dry, the benefits will be wiped, cleaned, the main annex constitutes the whole, the benefits will be retained; shopping bags folded after the small volume, the benefit will be carried;

Environmental protection: The use of environmentally friendly material production, reusable, recyclable.