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Casual shopping canvas bag
- Nov 11, 2017 -

The shopping canvas bag is easy to use and has many uses. It is an environmentally-friendly bag for people shopping now. Canvas bags are not just for shopping. Canvas bags are also popular fashion bags, and shopping bags are popular among different groups of people.

The shopping canvas bag is made of High quality polyester for suitcase and bag. The fabric has the characteristics of thick, wear-resistant and wrinkle resistant. Printing with high-end digital printing process, with high solid chroma, gorgeous color, clear patterns and realistic advantages. Conventional washing and hand washing will not fade and so on. Specifications wide 36cm, high 41cm.

Popular shopping canvas bag for different groups of people

1.Students can be used as bags, cram bags, A4 installation, holidays can travel, shopping can be 

2.Office workers - can install documents, magazines and so on. You can go shopping by hand and so on.

3.Mommy, can send their children, as simple mummy bag, put the bottle, baby clothes, diapers and so on, very light 

4.Housewives can buy food, shopping, usually out of fashion, some clothes, umbrellas, mobile phones, keys, towels, cosmetics and so on