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Advantages of linen
- Dec 07, 2018 -

It is a kind of fabric made of various hemp plant fibers such as linen, ramie, jute, sisal and abaca. The products made of linen have the characteristics of breathable and refreshing, soft and comfortable, washable, light-resistant, anti-corrosive and antibacterial.

Generally used to make casual wear, work clothes, can also be used to make environmentally friendly packaging, fashion handbags, craft gifts, fine food bags, pet supplies, cement products maintenance, craft painting, architectural decoration, shop decoration, hardware packaging bags, pavement Maintenance, environmentally friendly products, new plates, hunting supplies, garden supplies, craft shoes and hats, exquisite tag, outer wheel ship supplies and so on. The cotton linen bag introduces you to its advantages of high strength, moisture absorption, heat conduction and good air permeability.

1. Wash with water, do not use boiling water, use warm water or cold water;

2. Use cleaning agent, can not be soaked for a long time, soak it in a short time after soaking, the cloth material should be cleaned in time, can not be stacked together for a long time, it will fade. Do not wash with other cotton materials.

3. Flatten and dry, can not be twisted, will fold, can not be exposed to the sun, there will be yellowing phenomenon, it should be timely after drying.

4. Flattening and drying The ironing temperature should not be too high. If the temperature is too high, it will damage the internal structure and cause damage to the fabric. It is best to cover it with a white cloth when ironing, so that it can maintain a bright color.

5. When washing, distinguish the color, wash the black linen that has faded some color, add a little tea or coffee in the water, so that the washed linen is bright and bright, if it is colored linen, after cleaning, add two glasses of beer in the rinsed water. Make the faded linen bright and fresh.